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Bad Breath

Bad Breath or Halitosis

We can help get rid of bad breath by providing the right halitosis treatment solution.

Bad breath is a common problem that can be unpleasant and embarrassing. Find out more about how we can help get rid of bad breath, contact us today!

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of things some of which include:


  • Poor oral hygiene – if you maintain your oral health by brushing and flossing regularly you are likely to suffer with bad breath
  • Diet – some foods can cause bad breath, for instance garlic is one. However bad breath caused by food isn’t lasting and usually disappears after brushing
  • Smoking: The tar and nicotine residues from cigarettes can bind to teeth and gums causing bad breath

  • Regular dental check-ups and clean
  • Brushing and flossing teeth often (2-3 times a day if possible)
  • A healthy diet
  • Stop smoking

Usually a symptom of a more serious problem, can lead to gum disease.

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