Bad Breath Treatment at High Street Dental

Bad Breath/Halitosis

We can help get rid of bad breath by providing the right halitosis treatment solution…


Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can sometimes become wedged or impacted due to a lack of space in the jaw…



A toothache or tooth pain is an awful experience and can be very uncomfortable, our dentists…


Cracked & Chipped Teeth

Cracked & Chipped Teeth can be caused by trauma to the teeth, our dentists can completely restore…

Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect the way you look as well as your ability to chew and eat certain food…

Crooked Teeth Bendigo

Crooked Teeth & Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth can be treated by a range of orthodontics, our dentists…

plaque and tooth decay

Plaque and Tooth Decay

Plaque buildup on teeth is what causes tooth decay, our dentists can help with plaque and…

gum disease high street dental

Gum Disease

If you have a dull pain, bleeding gums or swollen gums it can be a sign of gum disease, our dentists…

Stained Teeth

Stained Teeth & Discoloured Teeth

Stained teeth or discoloured teeth can make smiling uncomfortable…

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